anumi Squalene Plus 純鯊烯激活再生修護精華



Anumi Squalene Plus 純鯊烯激活再生修護精華 15ml 有效抗氧化,抗老化和抗炎 蘊含高達99%角鯊烯 (從橄欖中提取),強效保濕,保護和滋潤肌膚,強化皮膚組織 具獨特的功能,將其加入其他護膚精華或護膚霜前使用,可以提升该護膚精華或護膚霜的效能 直接塗抹 Anumi Squalene Plus在皮膚上,可以防止皮膚乾燥,促進新細胞生長,幫助傷口癒合,阹疤阹印,減淡幼紋和皺紋,增強皮膚彈性和保留水分 可緩和很多的皮膚問題,如濕疹、太陽灼傷,乾燥皮膚,皮膚龜裂等問題 成分 角鯊烯 Decyl Olive Ester (and) Squalene, 酯化維他命C (從粟米提煉的天然維他命C) Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Natural Vitamin C ), d-生育醇 (D-Tocopherol Natural Vitamin E) * 有機認證 使用方法 塗 2-3 滴煥純鯊稀激活再生修護精華於手掌中,輕輕按摩至臉部和頸部,讓皮膚慢慢地吸收 適用於臉部手,手,眼部及身體,也可混和其它面霜。如想達至額外效果,將 2-3 滴 Anumi Squalene Plus 混和於精華或護膚霜內,塗抹於需要部位,可使其精華或護膚霜更能有效的渗入皮膚 BENEFITS Anumi Squalene Plus contains 99% of Olive Squalene. Olive Squalene is bio-compatible with human skin and proven as an oxygen carrier which helps maintain healthy looking skin. The miracle of Anumi Squalene Plus is its unique ability to be mixed with other serum or moisturiser to enhance its effectiveness. Direct application can also help combat dryness, heal scars, soften finelines and wrinkles by promoting new cell growth. Enhances skin elasticity and moisture retention. Anumi Squalene Plus soothes many skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sun damaged, dry/rough skin, skin cracks and problematic skin. INGREDIENTS Decyl Olive Ester (and) Squalene , Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Natural Vitamin C) , D-Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) * Certified Organic DIRECTION OF USE Spread 2-3 drops onto palm and massage over required area. Allow to fully absorb. Can be worn alone or with moisturiser. Suitable for face, hand, body and also delicate eye area. Anumi Squalene Plus can also be mixed with other facial or body cream. Mix 2-3 drops with the serum or cream onto palm and apply over required area. This allows the serum or cream to penetrate into skin more effectively.

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