LUE by Jean Seo FADE 去印美白精華 Lue by Jean Seo Fade 去印美白精華 7.5ml 治療肌膚上的痘印, 黑斑和色素,以減少疤痕,痤瘡,日曬損傷和衰老 DESCRIPTION Treats dark spots and discoloration on skin to diminish the effects of scars, Product #: aussieskincare-LUE by Jean Seo FADE 去印美白精華 2024-03-24 Regular price: $HKD$180.0 Available from: ASHK Aussie SkinCareIn stock 佢個暗瘡藥好用d 5 1 4 1 1 5 1 4.0