Kiki Health 南非好望角純蘆薈丸



Kiki Health Aloe Pure 南非好望角純蘆薈丸 20caps Kiki Health 純蘆薈膠囊由水培 Aloe Ferox 蘆薈葉製成,富含幫助消化的活性酵素。Aloe Ferox 跟更為常見的Aloe Vera 十分相若,唯獨會導致肚瀉的蘆薈素(又稱大黃素)只存於Aloe Ferox葉的皮層底下,相對容易去除,無需使用任何化學物,所以以很多情況下,Aloe Ferox製成的蘆薈產品能幫助消化但不會太寒涼 成分 Aloe Ferox 葉、植物纖維膠囊 建議食法 每日晚飯後一粒,兩至四天後可以停止,直至有需要幫助消化及排便時再次服用,一日不要超過一粒 如有腹瀉應避免服用 Kiki Health 致力研製超級營養素食幫助身體排毒淨化、修復更新。原材料都是天然食材,或原生或經過冷榨、低溫凍乾、太陽風乾等過程去保存養份,確保最容易被身體吸收並能在體內發揮效用。所有產品都不含化學添加劑及不被環境污染,並定期於英國接受嚴謹的品質監控檢查。 Aloe Pure is made of freeze-dried whole leaf Aloe Ferox, grown hydroponically with water. It contains active enzymes that help with digestion. Aloe Ferox is similar to the more commonly used Aloe Vera. However the ingredient aloin, which has a strong cooling and laxative side effect, is less embedded and more easily removed without chemicals in the case of Aloe Ferox. This means it is likely that an aloe product made with Aloe Ferox can aid digestion without being too yin or cooling. Ingredient: Aloe Ferox whole leaf in vegetable cellulose shell capsule Made in the UK Suggested use: Take one capsule with an evening meal daily for 2 to 4 days, then use as needed. Do not take more than one capsule a day. Avoid taking if having diarrhoea. Kiki Health is dedicated to making potent plant-based superfoods that cleanse, detoxify, heal and nourish. All ingredients are sourced naturally and are either raw, cold-pressed, freeze-dried or sun-dried to retain vital nutrients and ensure maximum bioavailability. The products are free from artificial additives and contaminants and the ingredients are regularly tested in the UK under strict quality control conditions.

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