Beuti Skincare 紅石榴酵素亮肌潔面+面膜 *可當面膜使用




Beuti Skincare Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser 紅石榴酵素亮肌潔面+面膜 100ml 紅石榴酵素亮肌潔面霜加入發酵石榴,能夠作為溫和乙醇酸一樣去角質和清潔皮膚。而玫瑰粘土可以清潔和細化肌膚紋理,古巴香脂可以舒緩和防止炎症 凝露霜中更有3種花瓣的精華: 鳶尾花、月桂樹和香桃樹,能夠修復、舒緩及保持皮膚亮澤 好處 – 洗潔及幫助肌膚排毒 – 鎮靜和舒緩發炎皮膚 – 提亮及改善膚色 用法 洗面面膜 用前先搖勻,乾手乾面將洗面面膜搽上面。如作面膜敷在臉上停留5-10分鐘,按摩半至1分鐘,將手沾濕,乳化潔面霜再沖洗 日常洗面 搽上面後按摩半至1分鐘,將手沾濕,乳化潔面霜再沖洗。當中的酵素、蜜糖及其餘滋養成分可以重塑皮膚膚質 小提示 紅石榴酵素亮肌凝露霜可以作為面膜,於臉頸塗抹薄薄一層,敷上 5-10 分鐘。當中的酵素、蜜糖及其它滋養成分亮可以即時提亮及改善膚色 Beuti Skincare was created out of a need for highly efficient skincare without irritants and unnecessary chemicals, just pure nutrition with proven actives to deliver results. Beuti Skincare 為追求完美肌膚的妳提供不含刺激物和化學物質的最佳天然養份 SUPER INGREDIENTS 使用最優質的原料,主要不包含農藥和化學品的有機油。 不會使用曾經作動物測試的原料作成分,亦拒絕測試動物,不會使用合成香料、石油化學品、對羥基苯甲酸酯類、有機矽、硫酸鹽、釘子、茶或鹼性劑 Our latest addition to the Beuti Skincare family – Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser is a gel balm hybrid that features fermented Pomegranate that acts like a gentle glycolic acid to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Rose clay cleanses and refines skin texture while Copaiba Balsam soothes and protects against inflammation. Featuring a 3-flower essence of Iris, Laurel and Myrtle to heal, sooth and keep skin glowing. 紅石榴酵素亮肌潔面加入發酵石榴, 能夠作為溫和乙醇酸一樣去角質和清潔皮膚. 而玫瑰粘土可以清潔和細化肌膚紋理, 古巴香脂可以舒緩和防止炎症. 凝露霜中更有3種花瓣的精華: 鳶尾花、月桂樹和香桃樹, 它們能夠修復、舒緩及保持皮膚亮澤 “The Duchess Of Cambridge Apparently Loves This Beauty Brand” “The Cleanser That ClearedMy Clogged-Up Pores” free of synthetic fragrance , petro chemicals , parabens , silicones , sulphates, pegs , teas or deas

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