MY.ORGANICS Botox Active Concentrate 肉毒桿菌活性抗齡精華



MY.ORGANICS Botox Active Concentrate 肉毒桿菌活性抗齡精華 50ml ***平行進口*** 緊緻 抗衰老 保濕 光澤 高濃度活性成分的水基溶液,具高皮膚美容功效 血清肉毒桿菌具有抗衰老和抗皺的功能,非常適合年輕皮膚(35歲以下)的預防性治療,以及修復(45歲以下)或密集(45歲以上)以使皮膚更成熟或更偏斜和明顯 精華輕質無味,可通過阻止乙酰膽鹼,防止肌肉收縮而起作用,其效果類似於肉毒桿菌毒素注射“使睡眠”的肌肉 會引起皮膚反應,從而增加微循環中的血流量並刺激成纖維細胞的活性,加速組織的再生過程,並進而產生彈性蛋白和膠原蛋白,有利於消除表層死細胞並對其進行替代,從而有助更新。表皮的強化,導致自然而顯著的填充和提拉效果 肽是天然物質,但大小比正常分子小很多,更容易被皮膚吸收 Water-based solution with a high concentration of active ingredients for high dermo-cosmetic efficacy. Serum Botox is a treatment made with the Waglerin - 1 mutation, found in the Templar Viper venom, which is a functional tripeptide, specific as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, ideal for preventive treatments dedicated to young skin (under 35 years) and repairing (under 45 years old) or intensive (over 45 years old) for more mature or particularly skewed and marked skin. Synthesis replicated in the laboratory (with controlled, stable and much more visible results than in the natural extract). It is a light, odorless, water-soluble liquid that acts by blocking acetylcholine, preventing muscle contraction, with effects similar to those obtained with botox injections that "sleep" the muscles. It causes dermal reactions that increase blood flow in the microcirculation and stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, accelerates the regenerative process of tissues and the consequent production of elastin and collagen, favoring the elimination of superficial dead cells and their replacement, thus contributing to renewal. and strengthening of the epidermis, resulting in a natural and significant effect of fillingand lifting. Peptides are natural substances, but much smaller in size than a normal molecule, so it is more assimilable by the skin. Active mixtures: (Glucolonactones, glucose, sorbitol, urea, glycine, lactic acid, sodium PCA, panthenol) with anti-aging, moisturizing, antioxidant, emollient and purifying properties. Pure demineralized water through reverse osmosis and micro-filtration. That is, the water is free of all salts and bacteria as they are retained in the filtering process. How to use. With a clean complexion, apply Botox Active Concentrate all over the face and massage to help its absorption. Then apply The Organic Good Morning Cream or The Organic Good Night Cream and do the same procedure. It can be used in conjunction with Jaluornic Active Concentrate, Snail Active Concentrate.